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Interactive system of smart mats that emit light, sound and vibrations

MoonPads is a collection of sensory tiles that guides children with developmental disabilities through games and activities. Constructed from soft and flexible silicone and designed to be customizable, MoonPads use lights, sounds and vibrations to engage and direct children through activity-based therapy sessions. Therapists can modify the light, sound and vibration settings on each tile to maximise comfort for the children. Providing aid and entertainment, MoonPads highlight the communal advantages of empathy in the design process.

Mariana Pinheiro

  • Mariana Pinheiro
    Rochester Institute of Technology

    Mariana Pinheiro is an Industrial Designer, RIT Alumna. She is currently an Adjunct Professor at RIT, where she teaches about her Research and Development experience in the Access Technology field. She also works as a Lead Designer at RIT’s Access Technology Lab and Student Incubator, where she designs adaptive toys and other sensory products for children with developmental disabilities in the community.more

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