# 2016

Modern Photography


Experimental cameras for that question your image

Modern Photography is a set of four experimental cameras designed to explore the way people use photography in their everyday lives. Modern Photography is designed to challenge the three pillars of modern camera technology; immediacy, functionality and clarity. By setting aside current technological trends, the cameras prompt the user to focus on creating a fundamentally different experience than typically found in modern photography practices.

Adam Grech

  • Adam Grech
    Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)

    Product Design at RMIT expanded his model making and consumer based design skills, and further education in Industrial Design Honours at RMIT furthered his knowledge of CAD and digital visualisation, model making and prototyping, systems design and problem solving. Adam has experience in marketing and design for manufacture, and working for Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Sprocket Design, RMIT in conjunction with Zoos Victoria and tech startup has given breadth to his design experience.more

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