# 2017

Medic Restraints Within the Patient Compartment


Medic Restraint Systems for emergency service workers

Medic Restraints Within the Patient Compartment is a seatbelt system designed for the patient compartment in ambulances that prevents harm to both patient and medic in the event of a crash. The system is mounted on an overhead rail and attached to a built-in harness in the medic's uniform. The overhead rail also circles the patient’s stretcher, allowing free movement within the compartment and unrestricted access to the patient. The seatbelt extends and retracts like a conventional seatbelt, securing the medic against harmful movement that may result during a collision or a sudden stop. Inspired by the differing priorities of medics in the field and the seatbelt manufacturers tasked with keeping them safe, this system aims to bridge the gap, ensuring the safety of all involved.

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