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A building material made from biofuel waste

Materialize.X is a new composite material made from biomass left over from the extraction process of algae-based bio-fuels. Materialize.X uses this biomass and turns it into building material that can be moulded, pressed or printed into any shape or size for a fraction of the price of existing bio-based materials. Materialize.X embodies a new approach to carbon neutral production in which a system’s by-products are fully exploited to achieve maximum value, efficiency and sustainability.

Haidin Rashid

  • Royal College of Art

    "I am a hybrid designer with a technical and soft skills to develop an idea from concept to level production . I am trained as in my undergraduate as designer and engineer at two leading design and engineering schools. I carried this forward in my post graduate by embarking my journey into the Innovation design Engineering course at the Royal college of art and Imperial college London . My passion for innovation has always been with me since I can recall my first experience in my childhood. Whether buying old radios and taking it apart to see how it worked to using a lens to make fire in our back yard that almost got out of control. I hope to use my skills and passion to make a positive difference in this world, I believe our world needs more people who use their creativity and passion to build and improve the lives of people . I hope to by one of them. "more


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