# 2019

La Butinerie


An urban shelter for pollinating insects

Intensive farming and monocultures have wiped out a vast proportion of pollinating insects’ natural habitats. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, cities are now safer places for these insects to live in than the countryside, as the urban air is largely free of pesticides. La Butinerie responds to a pending insect migration by providing a safe habitat for a variety of pollinating insects within urban environments. Similar to a large circular pot, it includes above-ground and underground habitats equipped with a camera and thermal sensors for monitoring. The project is part of the Biodiversity Plan launched by the City of Paris in 2018.

Christelle Zheng

  • Christelle Zheng
    The University of Paris-Saclay

    Hi! The team of La Butinerie is composed of three members: Saad Fassi Fihri, Thibaud Porcherot, and myself, Christelle Zheng. Saad is an engineering student from Télécom ParisTech. Thibaud is a design student and is currently doing his end-of-studies internship abroad, in Sweden. As for me, I'm also a design student, majoring in spatial design. I'm now doing my end-of-studies internship in an architecture agency, specialized in museum scenography and graphic design.more



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