# 2017



Adjustable shoes for poor children in Bolivia

K’ili's is a line of ecologically responsible shoes designed to provide well-fitting, sustainable, customised footwear to Bolivian children. Employing the same minibus used for Bolivian public transport, the K’ili’s shoe truck tours towns and villages to deliver and customise K’ili’s footwear. Each pair is personalized to its wearer’s specifications, based on a limited set of style options. The shoe’s insole is then measured, cut and constructed from a fully biodegradable material. The material is shaped through a sequence of folds before the outsole is attached with a natural glue. Through designing personalised and utilitarian shoes that allow for the growth and care of children’s feet, K’ili’s provides a transformative remedy to the injuries caused by the ill-fitting and ill-functioning footwear systemic of Bolivian poverty.

Camila Astorga

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