# 2017

Kanton DX35


Kit for developing photos at home

The Kanton DX35 is a photo-development system for your own home. Developing film is time consuming and unreliable, requiring a number of precise conditions and delicate processes. The Kanton DX35 reimagines home photo development as a simple, semi-automated process. Users insert the film, which is automatically wound, and add the first chemical. When device’s timer indicates that the step is complete, users empty the chemical tank and proceed with the next one (bottles are labelled in order of use). They then clean the film, remove the reel, and unwind. When dry, users can also scan and digitise developed images. Processing 35mm, 120mm, colour and mono, the Kanton DX35 encourages analogue photography by removing the intimidation and intricacy of film development.


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