# 2019



A mixed-reality game for neuropsychological testing

According to numerous neuropsychiatrists and neurologists, current neuropsychological testing can be an outdated, culturally biased and exclusively qualitative process. Doctors are looking for tools that would give them quantitative data about people’s neurological issues while also improving the overall experience of testing. Jarvis is a mixed-reality headset with incorporated electroencephalograph (EEG) and eye-tracking systems that allows for synchronised measurement of brainwaves and eye movements in an immersive, real-world test environment. While the patient is engaged in a fun experience that is a more accurate reflection of their abilities, doctors can measure and visualise the brain’s response to the intentional distractions or activities of the software platform.


  • Michael Yates

    Michael Yates

    University of Pennsylvania

    After an extensive career as a furniture designer, craftsman, and business owner, I have recently completed a masters of engineering degree in Integrated Product Design to expand my design methodology and business strategy, in addition to developing new technical skills in engineering that are specifically applicable in med-tech and connected devices (IoT).more

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  • Varun Sanghvi

    Varun Sanghvi

    University of Pennsylvania

    Varun is a product developer and researcher with extensive focus on developing mixed reality devices for everyday use. After spending 5 years in the industry developing products ranging from VR cameras to industrial robots, he decided to persue research and joined Upenn's Integrated Product Design Program to develop the future of interactive devices.more

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