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A low-fi incubator for premature babies

Insulata is a thermal-regulating cocoon for low-birthweight babies. Developing countries, refugee camps and disaster-relief zones often do not have the resources needed to establish neonatal intensive-care units, meaning that low-birthweight babies face a much higher risk of death than others. Offering a low-cost and zero-energy alternative, Insulata is a simple wrap-over design that secures the baby in a cocoon of specially layered fabrics, allowing the baby’s warmth to be conserved. The wrap consists of an outer layer of waterproof nylon lined with reflective aluminium; natural sheep wool; a fabric developed by NASA, called Outlast, with unique insulating properties; and bamboo weave.

Fergus Vaux

  • Fergus Vaux
    Nottingham Trent University

    I have recently graduated with a 1st Class BA Honours degree in Product Design from Nottingham Trent University. I am currently seeking graduate level design opportunities in London. I am particularly interested in sustainable design and the circular economy, and human-centred design in medical and humanitarian sectors. I also have experience in the packaging industry and plastics. My final year projects included: Insulata, a thermally-regulating cocoon designed for low birth-weight babies providing a low-cost alternative to sophisticated incubators used in NICUs (Neonatal Intensive Care Units); and Turtle, a backpack for those pursuing an active, urban lifestyle, manufactured from ocean recovered waste nylon. My dissertation explored the recycling infrastructure of the UK.more

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