# 2019

InEurope – A manifesto for solidarity borders


An informative and personal take on border control

Responding to a climate of increased vigilance and insularity, InEurope proposes a border-control system founded on solidarity. With the overall aim of informing and empowering displaced persons, InEurope is a three-part control system comprising a social, cultural and administrative border. Users are taken through a five-part process as they familiarise themselves with the country that they are about to enter and learn about the host country’s culture and values, the facilities available to them, their rights and civic duties as an asylum seeker, and the next steps in their integration process.

Mitja Behnke

  • Mitja Behnke
    Strate School of Design

    I am of German origins but born and living in France. My understanding of both cultures inspires me in my work. Either travelling or working with international teams, I’m curious about discovering other cultures and ways of living. During my studies in product design at Strate in Paris I co-conducted a 5-month research in South America about social initiatives and design which was foundational for my orientation. I truly believe in the role of designers in social change, therefore I integrate social consciousness in my daily work. I enjoy real world experiences, solving complex problems and focusing on human relationship. I am now working in New York City as a product and service designer.more

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