# 2019

Immaterial Girls


An investigation into AI gender roles

Stories of men building women have been a recurring trope from ancient myths to modern science fiction. With the dream of man-made, artificial life on the brink of becoming true, it seems an important moment to question this narrative before it becomes a reality. A male-dominated tech industry has produced both female sex robots and feminine AI voice assistants, but what is the role of gender in a technological landscape divorced from biology? Immaterial Girls is a digital publication about these artificial women, trying to make sense of their existence and inviting speculation as to their futures.

Linn Wergelius

  • Linn Wergelius
    University of Gothenburg

    Linn Wergelius is a multidisciplinary graphic designer interested in conceptual ideas and visual narratives. Working between the digital and physical world, she combines experimentation and humor with rational frameworks.more

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