# 2019

Illudian – Circadian Shape-Shifting Lights for Confined Spaces


A shifting light to simulate different times of day

The circadian rhythm is the internal body clock that regulates a person’s sleep–wake cycle and determines the times of the day at which they feel most energised or alert. Many people today suffer from disrupted circadian rhythms as their jobs require them to work night shifts or long hours that do not match their own biological clock. This compact circadian lighting system addresses this issue by simulating lighting conditions from each part of the circadian cycle, prompting the body to adapt and work productively regardless of the time of day.

Safa Siddiq

  • Safa Siddiq
    University of Karachi

    I graduated in Industrial Design in first division in 2017, and I'm currently a design entrepreneur and freelance graphic designer. I have a keen interest in lighting and interior design. I have worked on lights and automation, from experimenting the most versatile effects to shaping the findings into viable products and infusing aspired modernity. Besides my passion for lighting, I am devoted to offering my knowledge and expertise for civic innovation projects. For the past two years I have worked as an entrepreneur by establishing an online crafts and design venture."more


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