# 2019



A closed-loop system for living off-grid

Hubvance is an off-grid system that provides the basic and fundamental resources needed by every community: food, water and electricity. The system integrates three elements in one container: an aquaponic cultivation system for food production, a panel that condenses air humidity into water and photovoltaic panels that generate electricity. All three are carefully balanced to create a circular and symbiotic environment, in which all resources are generated sustainably and in perpetuity.

Team Hubvance

  • Team Hubvance
    Collège des Ingénieurs

    The team is composed of 4 MBA fellows of CDI Italy (Gabriele Basso, Luca Pasqualone, Dilmi Kolamunnage and Alice Franca) and 2 PhD students of Polytechnic of Turin (Andon Bano and Giulia Zoppi). The team joined the forces to tackle the problem of climante change and its implications on isolated communities for the program “Innovation for Change 2019”, promoted by CDI Italy, Polito and CERN.more

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