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An interactive toy to help children connect with and understand their basic emotions

Hicel is an interactive toy designed to help children with Autism become more emotionally fluent in order to communicate better. The toy shows different expressions of feelings as a response to the child's action. The outcome or reaction to a specific emotional behaviour is a way to learn about its consequences, and provides valuable data for children to use in every day life. This interactive toy is made of soft silicon and designed to be appealing and approachable to children. It can also can be used as a table lamp or a song player.

Mina Kasirifar

  • Mina Kasirifar
    San Francisco State University

    I am an Industrial Designer based in San Francisco. I see design as a social responsibility and seek to direct my knowledge to create beyond personal interest. I enjoy finding solutions and am committed to pursuing ideas up to the execution phase to deliver a viable and efficient product for the user. I received my MA in Design from San Francisco State University and my BA in Industrial Design from University of Tehran. And now, I am an industrial designer at Bould Design.more

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