# 2016



Style support for hearing aids

HearCuffs is an interchangeable decorative ear cuff accessory designed to turn the hearing aid into a means of self-expression. Taking its inspiration from the evolution of eyeglasses from corrective tool to fashion statement, HearCuffs proposes a series of customisable accessories capable of changing the hearing aid’s image from a mark of impairment to a platform for fashion. HearCuffs opens up the possibility for artists and craftsmen to develop original pieces and opens up almost unlimited possibilities for personalisation.

Ray Fontaine

  • Ray Fontaine
    Pratt Institute

    "I am a permanently curious and passionate innovator. I participated in the Global Innovation Design program at Pratt Institute in its second year of existence (2014-2015). I visited Keio University (Tokyo), Imperial College, and Royal College of Art (London), and studied targeted user research, design thinking methodologies, storytelling, extreme user scenario design, and basic prototyping mechanics/computer science. I believe that abundant user research is integral to designing products with empathy. My time working as a salesman and journalist gave me the interperonsal skills and confidence necessary to perform penetrating and rewarding fieldwork research. I enjoy designing for extreme users, and I personally have always been passionate about innovation in long term assistive tools for individuals living with chronic illness and physical impairment. This interest has led me into much experimentation in the integration of fashion and technology."more

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