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Hark – An over-the-counter rape kit


A reporting kit for rape victims

It is estimated that in the United States a person is sexually assaulted every 92 seconds. However, only thirty per cent of sexual-assault victims report the crime, and only one per cent of sexual-assault cases end in conviction. Hark is an over-the-counter rape kit that allows victims to safely collect evidence on their own terms. Small and discreet, it includes emergency sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and contraception as well as a contact code for a community nurse who can travel to the victim to collect the evidence necessary to report the crime.

Antya Waegemann

  • Antya Waegemann
    School of Visual Arts

    Antya Waegemann is a designer and founder of Redesign the Kit, an initiative redesigning rape kits and responses to sexual assault. She is working on Redesign the Kit as a fellow at the NEW Inc Incubator in New York City, part of the New Museum. As a woman, she has always been passionate about social impact issues and ways that design can change the way women exist in the world. She has worked in museums, in the sustainability/urban planning research world and most recently in design. She holds a MFA in Products of Design from the School of Visual Arts , a MLA in Corporate Sustainability and Innovation from Harvard University and a BA in Urban Environmental Studies from New York University.more

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