# 2016

Haptic Engine


A tool for designing touch in the digital world

Haptic Engine (HE) was created to support interaction designers in designing rich haptic feedback. HE is a small low-cost module combining sensor, actuator and driver, which is connected to a web-based effect editor. The editor is a tool for designers to create, alter and tweak haptic sensations, by manipulating the signal parameters similar to how they would use graphic and video editors.

Frank van Valkenhoef

  • Frank van Valkenhoef
    Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)

    Frank van Valkenhoef is a design engineer, a dreamer, an autodidact programmer and an artist with a passion for both traditional and newly forming crafts. With a background in visual arts and architecture he started his education at the University of Technology Eindhoven. During his bachelor Industrial Design there, he got educated as a designer of intelligent systems, services and related products for societal transformation. During his master he decided to focus on humanizing technology and specialize in the field of haptics. He believes haptics, technology related to the sense of touch, offer the opportunity to make better use of the potential of the human's sensory and motor systems then current technology does. Ultimately, Frank envisions a merger of the digital and physical world through embodied interactions with the digital world.more

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