# 2015



This table turns assembling your child’s furniture into a game you play together

HAPPIECE is a table designed to encourage communication between a parent and child at home. In the assembly phase, parent and child put HAPPIECE together in a spirit of constructive play. It is designed for children between the ages three to six and consists of nine birch plywood pieces and two rounded boxes. Its components are colour coded in for ease of assembly and to help visualise the logic of construction.

Miki Asatani

  • Miki Asatani
    Keio University Graduate School of Media Design (KMD)

    Miki Asatani is from Tokyo, Japan. She loves creating things through various forms of communication and collaboration with people. She is especially interested in designing things for kids including furniture, picture book, workshop, etc. She attended the Global Innovation Design (GID) program, and explored creative expression and aesthetic sensibility at Keio University in Tokyo/Yokohama, Imperial College and Royal College of Art in London, and Pratt Institute in New York. Her life-long mission is to bring people happiness.more

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