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A MIDI controller that provides physical input for virtual instruments (alternative to knobs)

Halo MIDI is a textural MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) controller that replaces the common use of knobs. A MIDI controller is a device that enables physical input for synthetic instruments, like synthesisers. On the typical MIDI controller the huge variety of settings are controlled by dozens of small knobs, making for a technically and physically challenging experience. Halo MIDI replaces this knob overload with a single tactile dial that offers simpler access to the controller’s vast number of settings and levels. An infrared sensor located at the center of the controller recognises and responds to simple swiping gestures, providing a new, more fluid interface for digital music making. Halo MIDI creates a more user-friendly control system, while stimulating a more expressive use of the controller.


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Elvin Chu

  • Elvin Chu
    Georgia Institute of Technology

    Elvin Chu is an industrial designer at MATTER, a San Francisco based design firm that specializes in converging physical and digital design to produce holistic experiences that span hardware, software, and services. He strives to evoke emotional connections among people, objects, and their environments through meaningful design. In his free time, he is building up his side project studio, noun, where he explores primitive narratives around the meaning of connection through a series of industrial-craft based projects.more

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