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A platform that designs an inclusive traveling experience for wheelchair users

Flashlight is a mobile platform that helps to plan inclusive travel experiences for wheelchair users. With around 3.3 million wheelchair users in the United States alone, the challenges of accessible travel are vitally important. With the Flashlight app, users can check accommodation, sights and landmarks against a scale of accessibility. Travellers can also access a number of user-generated reviews, weather alerts, and an emergency service locator. Flashlight allows detailed travel planning, while generating awareness around the subject of inclusive design.

Chorock (Green) Park

  • Chorock (Green) Park
    Rhode Island School of Design

    Chorock(Green) Park is a forward-thinker who creates a seamless human-technology experience. She believes experience design applies to every product, not limited to mobile devices. She loves problem-solving, innovative thinking, finding user needs, and imagining future technology.more

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