# 2019



An electric tractor for small-scale farming

Small-scale farming has many environmental advantages; however, the most effective machinery is currently only developed for the industrial-agriculture market. Fison offers a small but powerful electric tractor at an affordable price – ideal for use in orchards, on medium-sized farms or for cash crops. It has zero emissions, offers a simple interaction system allowing for easy use and has an unmanned driving mode to reduce the number of staff needed. There is also a 5G remote-control option that allows it to be piloted from home.

Theo Zhang

  • Theo Zhang
    Hunan University

    The team consists of more than ten members, including a doctor from Tsinghua University (the head of China's extravehicular space suit industrial design), a Ph.D. from Hunan University, a master's degree from Hunan University and Central South University, and belongs to vehicle engineering, embedded development, and industry. Design, algorithm optimization, mechanical engineering and other different professions, superior design and technical strength.more


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