# 2017



Reusable epinephrine auto injector for allergic patients

Epilink is a reusable auto-injector, used to inject adrenaline shots in the case of a severe allergic reaction or anaphylaxis. The device streamlines the injection process to encourage both self-use and simpler emergency injection by others. The injector has a simple and intuitive form, with graphics that guide users through the process via an e-ink screen. A changeable cartridge system increases the product’s lifecycle, while the accompanying Epilink app warns users of their medicine’s expiration dates. Epilink also provides a wall-mounted cabinet, enabling placement in public places such as restaurants and city centres for emergency situations. Epilink enables a more convenient and effective response to potentially life-threatening allergic reactions.

Damla Özekici

  • Damla Özekici
    Middle East Technical University

    Damla Özekici graduated as an honor student from Industrial Product Design department from Middle East Technical University in Turkey. She experienced different fields of design through all university education, internships and professional experiences. Discovering new scenarios and stories from daily life is her passion in design profession. Improve real scenarios; create for better world and helping people in their new experiences are main motivations for her. She loves to creating something new for people and she wants to leave a mark on people's lives with her ideas. She will continue her academic studies in Politecnico di Milano, Msc. Product Service System Design programme.more

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