# 2017



Nasal feeding tube for at home care

Enteros is an Enteral Tube Feeding (ETF) system that reduces difficulty in feeding and eases reliance on caregivers. The device was designed in response to rising home usage of feeding tubes and its associated challenges, including the lack of a locking system between the tube and syringe, a limited 60ml capacity, and the often insecure and unsanitary method of taping the tube to the user’s face. Enteros replaces the awkward syringe with a 300ml jar. A single-hand pump is attached to the top of the jar, which pushes food into the feeding tube. A plastic guide that hooks over the patient’s ear holds the tube in place. Enteros frees the growing number of ETF users from dependence on caregivers, while reducing sanitary risks, and improving comfort in the feeding process.

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