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A creative tool allowing wheelchair-bound individuals to make art

Enayball is an electronic drawing tool that takes traditional art equipment, like pens and pencils, and makes them accessible to wheelchair users. The product is attached to a wheelchair at floor level via an arm. It sticks out in front and draws in synchronicity as the user moves their chair. It can also be used on a tabletop by hand, supporting users with limited dexterity issues. The device has many ergonomic considerations making it an industry leader for creative, accessible tools. More importantly, it is a platform to promote underrepresented people and artists and challenge stigma within the arts.

Team Enayball

  • Team Enayball

    Team Enayball

    University of Brighton

    We are Pete and Eli, two product designers and friends with a passion for inclusive design. We studied together, lived together and now we work together! We believe in the enormous power of user-centered design and the impact it can make on societal issues. We recognize the marginalization of people with disabilities in the creative community, and in particular, that their needs for usable art products were unserved. We want to challenge this.more

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