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Effects of Replacing Cement by Date Palm Trees Wastes on Concrete Performance


Using Palm leaves fibres and ash to reduce cement content in concrete

This research project studied the effect of incorporating palm tree waste in concrete mix in order to reduce cement content and derive a more sustainable construction material. Both the fibres of palm trees and the ash of palm tree leaves were used in different percentages. Slump and compression tests were carried out to evaluate both the workability and the compressive strength of the mixed concrete. The results showed that palm leaves ash enhanced concrete workability and concrete compressive strength. Also, combining palm fibres and ash was also giving similarly good results especially in the early age of concrete.

Green Team

  • Green Team

    University of Buraimi

    The Green Team is a collaboration of graduates in the University of Buraimi. Engineers Khalid al Azzani, Khalifa Al-Maqbali, Mohammed Al Abadlah, Mohammed Al Kaabi, Sheikha Al Naqabi, are researching the effect of incorporating natural waste into construction material in order to derive a more sustainable construction industry. more

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