# 2019

Democratising technology


A DIY device for mining cryptocurrency

It is estimated than in the next fifteen years at least forty per cent of jobs are going to be replaced by machines. In Jaywick in the UK, sixty per cent of the population have already lost their jobs or are out of work – largely because of the introduction of automation and machine learning, and the subsequent decline in job opportunities. Engaging with this difficult scenario, the designer collaborated with Jaywick’s local community to create a practical workshop where local people could build fully functioning crypto-miners to allow them to generate a secondary income. Conceived as a call to action, the project raises important questions about what we want our collective future to look like, and how we can ensure a democratic use of technology in the future.

Mael Henaff

  • Central Saint Martins (UAL)

    Maël Henaf is a designer researcher based in London. His practice examines the intersection of technology, social sustainability and critical design. Through hiswork, Maël aims to establish and communicate diferent perspectives on the way we perceive technologies by developing controversial case studies and critical scenarios. By collaborating directly with the communities impacted by emerging technologies, Maël’s ambition is to include everyone in the discussion of how we want our future technologies to look like. He holds an MA in Material Futures from Central Saint Marins.more

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