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Crop Connect


A way to grow profits for kiwi farmers

Cropconnect is a holistic value chain approach to maximise the earnings from kiwi cultivation in Arunachal Pradesh, India; they currently earn about one-seventh of the market value. Cropconnect proposes to integrate three elements - design, technology and business strategy - to shorten the value chain from farmer to end consumer. Examples include: altering the growing design to increase yield, reduce picking and sorting time, minimize handling damage, improve package design and grow brand recognition.

Shivam Srivastava

  • Shivam Srivastava

    "My name is Shivam Shrivastava, currently working as product and interaction designer at Not for profit, Noora Health ( I believe that design thinking and creativity could be an option to tackle almost all problems in this fuzzy world. I have always focused to work on the social aspect of design. My father is a farmer by profession. Having lived in the village in my childhood and having seen the living condition of the people in my hometown, I'd like to design for people at the grassroots level. With all this contributing to my early initiation to design thinking, I joined Srishti to pursue Product & Interface Design after completed my Electronics Engineering and engage myself with the real world by asking questions, identifying and solving design problems and empathising with people who use or need design. In two and a half year of design education in Srishti, i worked with “National Innovation Foundation-Grass Roots Innovation Design Studio”, “Selco-Solar Innovation Lab”, and learnt System & Service design thinking. In Nif-Grids, we designed a bicycle shock absorber which will allow the rider to convert road’s bumps in to the mechanical power to assist in peddling. Most shock absorbers are designed to dissipate this energy. Especially because of the condition of Indian roads; rider loses lot of energy in it. For more Projects, please visit"more

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