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A prosthetic leg that reacts to its user

Creoto is a form changing, programmable smart socket for an amputee that allows users to customise their comfort level through digital input in real time. Creoto’s patent-pending technology dynamically changes and adapts to the fit of the user’s residual limb through soft actuators placed in strategic locations. Air pockets inflate and deflate according to user’s needs. This allows users to set and save different grip levels on their smart phones according to their comfort and activity during the day.

Malav Sanghavi

  • Malav Sanghavi
    Royal College of Art

    Malav Sanghavi is a recent graduate of Innovation Design Engineering at Imperial College and Royal college of Art. He has worked in different fields of ranging from designing commercial products, automobile, medical equipment, retail merchandise, etc. to the field of Information Architecture and User-Experience. His primary interest lies in developing new products in Medical field. His innovations caters to the needs of those peoples at grassroots, by developing cost effective design solutions. He has received different awards and accolades globally including I design Award, PACE Global Design Award, Medicall Healthcare Award, Oxford Bio-Stars Award, etc. He has also given a TED MED Talk in Mumbai. He has also won recognition on a platform called [email protected], a competition held by HRH, The Duke of York. His future goals are to channelize his entrepreneurial spirit into developing a system of affordable healthcare at the grassroots and giving back to the society.more

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