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An astronaut training centre for the multi-planetary age

Cosmonautica is a speculative space-preparation programme based at the former Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, whose aim is to create the new interplanetary human. As humanity faces the realities of the climate crisis, many are looking to outer space as the next frontier for development. Settlements have been proposed for both the Moon and Mars; however, incredible feats of science and technology will be needed to make these planets hospitable for humans. Rather than transform these alien worlds, the designer proposes that humans themselves should be developed and adapted for life in outer space.

Victoria Axioti

  • Victoria Axioti
    Manchester School of Architecture

    Victoria Axioti is a Part II Architectural Assistant at SimpsonHaugh Architects in Manchester, UK. She was born and raised in Greece and she completed both her Bachelor and Masters in Architecture at the Manchester School of Architecture. Victoria believes in utopia and the endless imagination of the human brain. She also believes that every human achievement has evolved from utopian ideas and bright minds. As she says; “if we do not imagine it, we will not try to formulate it”. Her Master thesis project Cosmonautica was exhibited in the Manchester School of Architecture 2019 end of the year show and in the KHBT studio in London for the London Festival of Architecture. You can reach her at [email protected] or on instagram: victoriaxiotimore

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