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Connected Play


Internet of Things meets lego

Connected Play is a project that explores the potential of combining physical and digital play through a social sports game played with robots. Designed in collaboration with toy manufacturer LEGO, the concept consists of three parts. The first part is the ‘core block’, the centre of the model, upon which attachments can be built. The second is the ‘wristband of power’, a wearable band holding three ‘power bricks’ used in the game to determine the robot’s moves. As the child plays, the band tracks and translates their movements. The final part of the project is a mobile app, connecting the LEGO robot and the wearable, and enabling the child to choose between a variety of sports games. The Connected Play project allows children to engage alone or with friends through a connected network, combining both physical and digital play.

Mike Andersen

  • Mike Andersen
    Umeå Institute of Design

    Mike Kirk Andersen is a Interaction Designer at IDEO's Toylab, his goal in design is to create engaging, meaningful and useful experience across digital and physical products. He loves working in multidisciplinary teams and believes it's an essential ingredient for creating creativity. Mike holds a Master of Fine Arts in Interaction Design from Umeå Institute of Design in Sweeden and an Engineering degree also in Interaction Design from the University of Southern Denmark. Both educations have a strong focus on Human centred design and the intersection between digital and physical products. Prior to joining IDEO, Mike has worked in several places and industries ranging from design research to toys to healthcare, latest he worked and wrote his Master thesis at LEGO in Denmark where he designed connected toys and IoT toys in LEGO's Future Lab.more

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