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Coding Pirates


Learn to code without a computer

Coding Pirates is a strategic board game designed to teach players from 10 years old the logic of computer science. As a pirate, the player attempts to cross the seven seas in search for hidden treasures by sailing with logic, avoiding bugs and navigating through magical portals. Coding Pirates introduces programming concepts to children implicitly through the board game rules, thus making the learning process educational, fun and suitable for all age groups.

Sarah Ragab

  • Sarah Ragab
    German University in Cairo

    Sarah Ragab is a UI/UX, graphic designer, illustrator and creative thinker. Graduated from faculty of Applied Science and Art with excellence and honor. Sarah has a huge passion in shaping behaviours, designing, planning, strategizing and making the complex simple. Spending the last two years in university designing games aiming for social change, going through all the phases from selecting the idea, doing market research and competition analysis, designing the game play and testing it through iterative designing process. Sarah has a strong portfolio of award winning & high profile iOS Apps that been featured by Apple in the US App Store for their quality and uniqueness. Sarah follows Bigweld's slogan in the 2005 animated film, Robots, "See a need, fill a need," & do it neat.more

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