# 2019

Centre for National Unification


A civic centre to celebrate diversity

The Centre for National Unification aims to improve the future experience of refugee resettlement in Australia by providing a new civic space in Melbourne’s city centre. Through the facilitation of intercultural education and increased community interaction, the centre emphasises social cohesion and compassion as key values within the city. A multi-language cinema and information offices offer spaces in which to learn and connect, while lower-level ‘reflection zones’ provide moments of calm and contemplation.

Georgina Spooner

  • Georgina Spooner
    Swinburne University

    Georgina Spooner graduated in 2018 with Bachelor of Design (Interior Architecture), First Class Honours, from Swimburne University in Melbourne, Australia. Georgia found a passion for understanding the influence of architecture and 'place' within our societies and how we can better design our built environment for the benefit of our global communities. Following the completion of her studies, she joined Hames Sharley in 2019, a national architecture and urban planning practice in Australia.more


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