# 2017

Brain Train


App to keep Alzheimers patients’ minds active

Brain Train is a ‘care-ecosystem’ developed as a mobile app for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The app includes various brain training games, cognitive tests and a day-to-day organiser, which are all anonymously archived for reference. Accessible to patients, caregivers and doctors, the app forms a digital record of the patient’s progress, allowing doctors to personalise their patient’s activities. Users and caregivers can also use the app to learn about Alzheimer’s and to contact a patient’s doctor in case of emergencies. By providing new tools for monitoring and customising treatment, Brain could prove indispensable to patients, carers, and doctors.

Konstantina Iakovou

  • Konstantina Iakovou
    International Hellenic University

    I was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. I am a licensed architect (2012). I also hold an MSc in Strategic Product Design (Product Development Stream). I have participated in many projects spanning from industrial design to landscape design and have been involved both in the research and the design process. I believe that by applying proper design practices, the world we live in, might get better. Design’s role should be enforced in all aspects of our everyday environments (both physical and digital).more

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