# 2016

Blind Guider


Sidewalks that talk to blind pedestrians

Blind Guider is an orientation system for the visually impaired that uses Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to announce street names and directions as its users walk on city streets. When the orientation modules installed in guide tiles are touched by an RFID-equipped guide cane, the location-related information is emitted over earphones to provide users with audible directions.

Team Blind Guider

  • Team Blind Guider
    National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

    "We are four students, major in industrial design, for master degree in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. We think that design could combine with the engineering, and it can making the design concept becoming realization, so we are trying to make the blind guider to be actual. Even it passed many times failure, we still try it, and doesn't give up. We are full of passion in design, and we hope someday our design could help people who need."more

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