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Workout clothes that train you

Axiom is a weight training system that directs athletes through different types of tactile feedback, by enacting the guiding gestures of a personal trainer. Textile sensors, EMG sensors, and haptic sensors are woven into the suit’s polyester spandex in order to detect the user's unique anatomical structure and biomechanics, muscle recruitment order, and movements. These activators then transfer data to the Axiom mobile app, allowing users to receive real-time feedback and review after the workout.


  • Ella Jeong

    ArtCenter College of Design

    Ella Jeong is a user experience designer at Pip Tompkin Design, an award-winning design studio based in Los Angeles, CA. She believes in the value of shaping the question to create unconventional experiences, systems, and strategies.more

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  • Ellie Hyejin Cho

    ArtCenter College of Design

    Ellie Cho is a 4th-year product design student at ArtCenter College of Design with a focus in user experience design. During her experience as an interaction design intern at HP, she contributed in designing mobile applications for 7 months, winning multiple performance awards.more

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  • Matthew Cadiz

    ArtCenter College of Design

    Matthew Cadiz is a graphic designer with a focus in interactive design. He is currently the Lead Web Designer at Muzik, a technology start-up pioneering a new market segment with an introductory line of smart headphone products.more

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  • Jonah Lu

    ArtCenter College of Design

    Jonah Lu is a multidisciplinary designer, who strives to create meaningful experiences through innovation in technology, storytelling, and products. Jonah has worked with some of the most sophisticated brands and icons such as Beats By Dre, HP, and Netflix.more

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