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A portable system for pediatric care in remote places

Asha is a simple handheld device to help ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) workers monitor the vitals and track the growth of infants on a regular basis, without having to visit a hospital. Asha consists of a solar powered, digital scale for measuring the baby’s weight and temperature and a specialised blanket onto which the child’s development is recorded. This simple tool helps to save thousands of lives by providing on-time, credible care at a local level.

Peter Alwin

  • Peter Alwin
    Umeå Institute of Design

    Peter Alwin is an industrial designer from India who has graduated as a bachelor in Product Design from, National Institute of Design, in India and the masters in Advanced Product Design from, Umea Institute of Design, in Sweden. He has worked for several MNC,s across the globe and worked on several design projects ranging from transport design, to healthcare. He possesses great passion and enthusiasm in solving problems through design. He believes, design and design thinking does not only make our lives easier but help us take a bold step forward in our approach to solve problems. He aims to make an impact in people’s lives by making this world a better place through design and innovation.more

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