# 2017



Rescue vehicle to evacuate vertical cities

Argonaute is a rescue vehicle designed specifically for skyscrapers. Inspired by the ready-to-deploy function of cruise ship lifeboats, Argonaute uses a system of pre-attached escape capsules fixed to the sides of the building. In an emergency, these capsules are deployed immediately, extending to form spacious cabins removed from danger. The Argonaute flying carrier then locates the capsules and, using its telescopic arm, releases them from the building and places them in a safer location. This immediate evacuation system allows the victims of high-rise emergencies instant escape from the primary danger zone, ensuring that emergency services can save a maximum number of lives.

Edouard Samson

  • Strate School of Design

    Graduated from Strate on November 2016 in Mobility, now working as an industrial designer at the Autonomous Vehicules Systems division of Transdev.more


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