# 2015

Ar Vag


A folding rowboat that you can carry

Ar Vag (meaning boat in Breton) is an easily assembled folding attachment with oars, intended for use as a shuttle between the shore and a boat. It’s faster to use than an inflatable dinghy and less cumbersome than a fixed attachment. When folded, the boat can be carried as a backpack and easily stored. It’s thin, light hull consists of a series of fiberglass sheets, covered with heat-welded plastic tarpaulin.

Thibault Penven

  • Graduated in Bachelor Industrial Design in 2012 and Master in Product Design in 2014, Thibault also won the 1st prize at the Unique Youngstar competition in Koln, Germany and the public prize at Design Parade 9 in Hyeres, France.more

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