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Reforming old buildings to adapt with rapid urban development

Danah Alshatti

  • Danah Alshatti

    Danah Alshatti

    Kuwait University

    I am a fresh graduate from Kuwait University, College of Architecture and obtained a Bachelor of Architecture in 2021. College of Architecture taught me to be aware of what is happening around me as there are many sources of inspiration in daily life and I try to acquire many skills that help in creating, designing and Presenting designs to people. What I love about architecture is that there is no single definition of what architecture is and everyone has their own definition of architecture. I am interested in social issues and try to solve them through experimental architectural design, also interested in using 3D design software during the design process by trying to find more than one architectural solution to the problem. creating formal language and experimenting with digital & physical 3D models is what i enjoy the most during the design process. more

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