# 2017

All PET Shoe


Football boot made entirely of recycled plastic bottles

The All Pet Shoe is a fully recyclable shoe designed for football players. While most football boots are made from plastic, leather, resin and glues, the All Pet Shoe is composed a single, recyclable material. The design combines a variety of forms of polyethylene terephthalate (or PET) to create the rigid, flexible and textile parts of the boot. The All Pet Shoe’s material and manufacturing process allow it to enter the same recycling circle as a plastic bottle, thus reducing the waste linked to high-turnover sports equipment.

Jules Mas

  • Jules Mas
    ECAL, Lausanne University of Art and Design

    Jules Mas is a French industrial designer born in Paris (1994). He graduated from ECAL in 2017, where he worked with companies such as the Paris Picasso Museum, Ruckstuhl, the Vidy Theatre and Ikea. His strong attraction for the sports industry and innovation led him into a design practice based around experiments with materials and new technologies, trying to rethink the way materials are used, as well as the production processes. He is currently working for Alexander Taylor Studio in London.more


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