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Breath analysis device to support early detection of illness at home

Aeri is a portable device for breath analysis using a routine screening method for both home users and clinics. It is a vital tool for the early diagnosis and monitoring of numerous diseases for which early treatments are necessary for a chance of cure. With Aeri, regular check-ups at home and disease monitoring will become more efficient, improving telemedicine and overall treatment of respiratory diseases which are increasing due to climate change, air pollution and pandemics.

Pham Nhung

  • Pham Nhung
    Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

    As an industrial designer, I am not only involved in form design but first and most importantly I want to be able to define a problem and find the most effective way of solving it. During my studies in Darmstadt I developed a high interest in health products/ systems and gained an affection for research, technology and innovations. For the future, it is essential for me to design products and systems that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but above all that contribute with their innovative approach added values to our society and solve fundamental problems. more

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