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An asthma inhaler that treats and teaches you

Aeo is an asthma medication kit for personalised therapy. The kit consists of two inhalers. The first is for preventive medication and is equipped with dosing support. The second is for rescue medication and includes symptom tracking. The Aeo app provides information about asthma control based on the recorded data of the inhaler usage. Three key reasons for bad asthma control are: unawareness of symptoms and worsening signs, lack of education about medication and the inability to interpret monitored data.

Anna-Maria Schneider

  • Umeå Institute of Design

    Anna-Maria Schneider is a product designer with a passion for human centered design and lifestyle driven product experiences. Anna-Maria graduated from the Umeå Institute of Design with a MFA in Advanced Product Design. She experienced working at design consultancies like Frog, Forpeople and Designit.more



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