# 2016

37° CUP


A baby bottle with built-in temperature control

37° CUP is a baby bottle that integrates both cooling and heating functions. Designed for working mothers the bottle eliminates cumbersome ice packs to cool the milk and the challenge of babysitters having to heat up the milk before feeding. 37° CUP makes life easier for all with an inbuilt thermometer and it connects to mobile phones via Bluetooth. These features make it easier to regulate the baby’s feeding habits and to monitor the milk temperature.

Yuanyuan Liu – Yonggang Rao

  • Yuanyuan Liu – Yonggang Rao
    Tsinghua University

    I’m Yuanyuan Liu, a second year PhD student in the Engineering Design Centre of University of Cambridge, focusing on healthcare design and inclusive design. As for my background, both my bachelor and master degree were in industrial design, but the directions were quite different. My undergraduate study was mainly focused on product design, I have gained the most essential skills as an industrial designer; while for my postgraduate, I joined the design management lab in Tsinghua University, my role has transferred from a designer to a design researcher, mainly focused on user research especially user lifestyle study. I have gained a rich combination of design experiences, from cooperating with the Southampton University in UK to help supermarkets improve the elderly consumers' shopping experience, to helping the Boeing Company to advance user experience in China. Also, my design works have won lots of prizes both domestically and internationally.more

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