Innovation Conference: “Belief in AI”

The 2018 edition of Global Grad Show saw the launch of the inaugural Innovation Conference, “Belief in AI”. Curated by Ben Vickers and Kenric McDowell the conference brought together Artists, engineers, academics, designers and computer scientists on Monday 12th November in a debate on the complex and challenging subject of Artificial Intelligence; where it is now, how it is interpreted in different cultures and where it could take us in the future.

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Dubai Evolution Challenge

Overseen by the European Organisation of Nuclear Research (CERN), the first edition of the Dubai Evolution Challenge brought together Global Grad Show designers with Dubai-based students to create “an evolution of everyday objects, activities or services” The challenge gathered 37 creative minds into an intensive 3-day exploration, brainstorming and problem-solving setting. Working in small teams, participants explored Dubai on a quest to identify opportunities for improvement within the city’s iconic neighborhoods.

The Progress Prize

In its 2nd edition, the Progress Prize is an international award that celebrates the next generation of design. The Prize is awarded to one Global Grad Show exhibitor each year, selected by a jury of design and technology experts, through a transparent and public process of deliberation and debate. The goal of the Prize is to support sustainable and impactful ideas from Global Grad Show through their next development steps.

The 2018 Progress Prize winner Twenty, designed by Mirjam de Bruijn from Design Academy Eindhoven in The Netherlands, was chosen from 11 shortlisted finalist, out of Global Grad Show’s 150 featured projects.