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  • Commercial Interior Design

    Eleanor Watson announced Curator

    Eleanor takes over the position from Brendan McGetrick who will continue to advise on the curation a...

  • Disegno

    A New Experience

    Dubai Design Week’s annual showcase of graduate projects featured work by students from almost 100...

  • Icon Design Magazine

    The fourth edition of Dubai Design Week

    Looking ahead to the future, the Global Grad Show will take care of it, presenting 150 projects dedi...

  • Absolutely Education Emirates

    Designers for good

    These are forward-thinking ideas that are chosen based on how they can accelerate change and improve...

  • Forbes

    There's something amazing about this

    For something with such a plain-sounding name, there may be nothing quite like the annual Global Gra...

  • The Times of India

    Grad Show is not only a lesson in innovation, but also proactive solution.

    The event showcased a diversity of solutions for the present as well as the future, such as biodegra...

  • The Good Life Italia

    Future without limits

    Experimentation never stops. This is demonstrated by the projects of the young winners at the last D...

  • CNN

    Life-changing designs form students who want to save the world.

    The pen, musical instrument and more could be found at the Global Grad Show, part of the fourth Duba...

  • Live Mint

    Dubai Design Week’s local design alchemy

    These young minds will bend science to design a world that I cannot even imagine...

  • iO Donna (Italian)

    From Dubai design projects for the fashion of the future, between hi-tech and creativity

    From the label that makes the storytelling of the jacket to the jacket with a survival kit inserted....

  • Dezeen

    Eight designs from Middle Eastern graduates at Dubai Design Week

    A device that turns street lights into floatation devices and a washing machine designed for long-ha...

  • Architectural Digest

    What Does the Future of Furniture Look Like?

    Last week’s Global Grad Show in Dubai, an annual presentation of leading graduate work from design...

  • Design Boom

    10 most fascinating graduate projects from dubai design week 2018

    The global grad show – an integral part of dubai design week each year – continues to grow in ma...

  • Design Milk

    Home Design and Lifestyle Highlights from Dubai Design Week’s Global Grad Show 2018

    But every year, outside downtown Dubai, in the Dubai Design District, the city also hosts the larges...

  • Cool Hunting

    Dubai Design Week 2018: Highlights from The Global Grad Show

    Brendan McGetrick opened the fourth edition of Dubai’s Global Grad Show, one of the main attractio...

  • Wallpaper

    The Vanguard of neoteric thought

    The local success of the global grad show is indicative of a place [uae] at the vanguard of noeteric...

  • Arab News

    Next-gen design

    Highlights from the Global Grad Show at Dubai Design Week, which showcased 150 innovative and potent...

  • Architectural Digest

    One of the greatest gatherings of innovators ever

    McGetrick spent months choosing the best thesis projects from the world’s design schools. This yea...

  • Wired

    Every year in Dubai the global Grad show celebrates the best design schools around the world

    Every year in Dubai the Global Grad Show celebrates the best of design schools around the world: her...

  • CNN

    How the next generation will design a better future

    One of the world's largest showcases of student work, the Global Grad Show will display 200 projects...

  • The Economic Times

    These graduates are designing a better world 

    At Dubai’s Global Grad Show which features the cream of young design talent from across the world ...

  • The Times of India

    Dubai’s recently concluded Global Grad Show, which featured a number of Indian designers who came up with novel solutions to all kids of problems

    Dubai’s recently concluded Global Grad Show, which featured a number of Indian designers who came ...

  • News Atlas

    Diving into the minds of a tomorrow's designers with curator Brendan McGetrick

    These projects serve as not just one-off inventions to solve single problems, but as fascinating ins...

  • New Atlas

    Bright ideas from the world's biggest student design show

    Global Grad Show showcases the brightest ideas from design and technology universities all around th...

  • Elle Décor Italia

    How Design can help make the world a better place

    Dubai’s Global Grand Show, the world’s largest student gathering, is all about fresh ideas on ho...

  • Elle Décor Italia

    Design for the Apocalypse: the Dubai Global Grad Show

    For the second consecutive year, this event was hosted during Dubai Design Week to discuss the futur...

  • New Scientist

    Global Grad Show: How should we design for the world’s end?

    At the Dubai Design Week last November, I met a new generation of graduates sharing designs for the ...

  • TL Magazine

    Jewellery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

    MIKO+, the winner of the Progress Prize at the 2017 Global Grad Show in Dubai, presents an alternati...

  • News Atlas

    Seven brilliant inventions from the world's biggest student design show

    There were 150 inventions on display at the 2018 Global Grad Show, including contributions from the ...

  • Monocle Radio

    Dubai Design Week

    We praise the organisers for spotlighting graduates, prompting discussion about education and empowe...

  • Forbes

    A massive showcase of forward-looking design projects dreamed up by graduate students of design from around the world

    At this year's Global Grad Show, a massive showcase of forward-looking design projects dreamed up by...

  • Architectural Digest

    This mega-exhibtion in Dubai pushes the boundaries of innovation.

    The Global Grad Show at Dubai Design Week showcases submissions from 92 design schools that aim to c...

  • CoolHunting

    Design problem-solving from 43 countries across six continents

    Sometimes graduate shows can be a mixed bag. There are great ideas but poor output or beautiful prod...

  • Elle Decoration Italy

    150 optimistic design projects for the city that believes in the future (and young people)

    Compared to the first editions of the Global Grad Show, today's is revealed in a "more critical appr...

  • The Telegraph

    From fake rain to bespoke chandeliers, what not to miss at Dubai Design Week 2018

    Now by a long way the biggest creative festival in the Middle East, the show attracts architects, de...

  • Designboom

    Global Grad Show exhibits largest student gathering at Dubai Design Week 2017

    Returning for a third year as part of the Dubai Design Week 2017, the Global Grad Show welcomes inno...

  • BBC

    Ideas for the future from Dubai

    Global Grad Show features 200 innovative projects form 43 countries ...

  • Wallpaper*

    Dubai’s Global Grad show tackles social and environmental problems through diverse design

    Since its inception three years ago at the inaugural Dubai Design Week, the Global Grad Show has pro...

  • DAMN°

    Dubai Design Week; The Global Grad Show Grows up

    Here in Dubai, there are fully recyclable football boots from Switzerland; a living sea defence syst...

  • Domus

    Design for the Apocalypse: the Dubai Global Grad Show

    At the Dubai Design Week, more than 200 students from all over the world responded to global emergen...

  • Al Bayan

    200 Designs at Global Grad Show Exhibition at Dubai Design Week

    The annual Global Grad Show is one of the most prominent events of the Dubai Design Week. A gatherin...

  • Forbes

    These 5 Simple Design Concepts Could Show The Future Of The Home

    When it comes to sketching out the future of the home, there are two types of design concepts: Big, ...


    Dubai Design Week: Slick, sleek and chic

    Global Grad Show, which reinforces its position as the world’s largest and most diverse meeting of...

  • CNN Style

    Bright ideas and forward-thinking prototypes from some of the design world's most promising young talents

    One of the world's largest showcases of student work, the Global Grad Show will display 200 projects...

  • Gulf Today

    Young minds, novel designs

    The global grad show at the upcoming Dubai Design Week focuses on invention and innovation. ...


    'Dubai Design Week 2017': The World of Design Comes to the Middle East

    London’s Royal College of Art, California’s Stanford University and Melbourne’s RMIT are among...


    Dubai Design Week Highlights the best in student innovation

    Dubai’s Global Grand Show, the world’s largest student gathering, is all about fresh ideas on ho...

  • Xpress Dubai

    NYU AD students scale new heights, track Burj Shadow

    Abu Dhabi Students of NYU Abu Dhabi have scaled new heights by using the Burj Khalifa as a tool for ...

  • Herskhazeen

    An Interview with Brendan McGetrick

    Curated by renowned author and designer, Brendan McGetrick, the Global Grad Show presents projects b...


    Dubai Design Week Talent Scout

    The third edition of Dubai Design Week will give more space and attention to the young participants ...

  • The Architect’s Newspaper

    Kitchen tools that help the blind and elderly cook with ease

    Kevin Chiam designed Folks, a range of kitchen tools for the blind based on familiar cooking instrum...

  • Economist Espresso

    Tomorrow’s Designs

    The future hasn’t yet arrived, but some of the designs are already in....

  • designMena

    Students from the Middle East present innovative designs for Global Grad Show

    The Global Grad Show aims to highlight how the next generation will shape the future through design,...

  • Trend Nomad

    Good Simple Ideas - English

    Young designers probably will not come up with a solution how to cure Alzheimer’s disease, but for...

  • Architectural Digest

    Global Graduates: Nine technology-led designs featured in Dubai at the Global Grad Show in Dubai

    Visionary designs showcased at the Global Grad Show in Dubai shine a light on the emerging talent sh...

  • South China Morning Post

    Life-Improving tech at global student fair

    Dubai Design Week’s exhibition of young graduates’ projects offers hope that a new generation of...

  • Design Indaba

    Empower, Connect and Sustain

    The collective intelligence of the exhibition not only pointed to some of the most pressing issues o...

  • Times of India

    These graduates are designing a better world 

    From coming up with a shovel that will let women pick up dung without dirtying their hands to a bott...


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