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  • Forbes

    There's something amazing about this

    It is here that some of the best and brightest grad students in design and related fields show us th...

  • CNN

    Life-changing designs form students who want to save the world.

    The pen, musical instrument and more could be found at the Global Grad Show, part of the fourth Duba...

  • Wired

    Every year in Dubai the global Grad show celebrates the best design schools around the world

    Every year in Dubai the Global Grad Show celebrates the best of design schools around the world: her...

  • Architectural Digest

    This mega-exhibtion in Dubai pushes the boundaries of innovation.

    The Global Grad Show at Dubai Design Week showcases submissions from 92 design schools that aim to c...

  • South China Morning Post

    Life-Improving tech at global student fair

    Dubai Design Week’s exhibition of young graduates’ projects offers hope that a new generation of...

  • Economist Espresso

    Tomorrow’s Designs

    The future hasn’t yet arrived, but some of the designs are already in....

  • The Guardian

    From lightning suits to algae-munching drones: how design is electrifying Dubai

    It is the grad show to end all grad shows, featuring the cream of the crop from all over the globe....

  • CNN

    How the next generation will design a better future

    One of the world's largest showcases of student work, the Global Grad Show will display 200 projects...


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