Global Grad Show 2021

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As in all previous editions of the Global Grad Show, shortlisted graduates this year demonstrate that they are ready to answer some of the most urgent questions in areas such as healthcare, design, architecture, nutrition and ethics. Discover their top priorities and solutions, as they respond with great speed and empathy to an unpredictable world that too often feels like we are running on emergency mode.

Caring for Others

Healthcare services designed to reach the most vulnerable

As the world faces an unprecedented health crisis, the efficiency and reach of global healthcare systems have been tested to their limits and beyond. The COVID-19 pandemic unveiled structural shortcomings in healthcare provision that some of the best 2021 pro-jects are addressing with innovative healthcare access solutions.

A fairer and safer society

Ethics-focused solutions for a more equitable world

Ongoing debates around gender, diversity and inclusivity have highlighted inequalities that need to be urgently addressed at all levels of society. Many graduates around the world this year, presented projects directly addressing such inequalities and proposed creative ways to overcome them.

Building resilient communities

Connecting people so that no one is at the margins

Our experiences of connecting with others are deeply affected by our abilities and by our ‘place’ in society, especially if we live with a disability. Projects in this group show us how technology can break barriers and help to support the most vulnerable so that their opportunities are not limited.

City Living

Transforming our urban experience for a better quality of life

As cities continue to grow in size and density, our urban experience presents us constantly with new challenges affecting our health and living standards. Projects in this group demonstrate that urban growth can take a more sustainable direction, and that the tech-nology to achieve that is here.

Design against waste

Placing our impact on the planet first

The global waste crisis is far from over. Whilst new recycling solutions are developed, humanity’s ability to generate millions of tons of litter remains largely unaffected. Our shortlisted graduates are rethinking entirely the design of products and services, with waste reduction in mind from the start.

The future of food

Sustaining the planet as we sustain ourselves

We are what we eat. Not simply by virtue of our individual choices, but also as customers of a global food industry that leaves a significant mark on Earth. Shortlisted projects for this edition invite us to rethink our individual and collective eating habits.