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Discover the five Global Trends that are the main areas of concern researched by our community of graduates from across the world by exploring the 100 projects that are, in essence, alternatives and remedies to issues affecting communities globally

Living with illness and disability

New healthcare solutions tailored to those with debilitating conditions

Changes in health patterns and lifestyle see millions of people globally suffer from chronic conditions or disabilities. These solutions use technology that can result in longer and better lives, from better chemotherapy experiences to modular prosthetic systems for amputees

Coping in a complex world

Supporting mental health in challenging online and offline environments

Our emotional resilience is constantly challenged, particularly for children and vulnerable people. Find out more about this year’s innovations, from new educational games to a system to control private data, and how they support our experience in the real and digital world.

Saving and protecting vulnerable lives

Making technology smarter to create a safer world

Adverse living and working conditions remain a constant risk to lives across the planet. Explore how graduates are enhancing existing technologies and creating new solutions to prevent accidents and mitigate the consequences of emergency situations.

Cleaning a waste-filled planet

Reimagining waste and materials to contain our impact on the planet

Waste is responsible for a chain of health risks and severe biodiversity damage. Discover the work of graduates developing environmentally responsible solutions, from ecological packaging to a tyre rubber collecting system and protective suits for waste handlers.

Sustaining the urban experience

Transforming our cities into greener and more resilient communities

The unprecedented growth of cities is resulting in new social pressures that have a real impact on our quality of life. Learn more about projects that will change our life in thy city, from a smart tracker for energy consumption to using salt to build new architectural structures.