Fabric used to create the structures of the 2018 exhibition has been fully repurposed into school uniforms for a resettlement community in North Cotabato, Philippines.

Upon closing of the 2018 exhibition, the 28,000 square feet of fabric used to build the exhibition was repurposed to provide uniforms for a school in Sitio Kanibong, a resettlement community established in North Cotabato, Philippines.

Sitio Kanibong is a small community populated by the Blaan, recognized as one of the only indigenous tribes in the Philippines. The tribe was displaced as a result of armed conflict between the rebels and the government, and now make a living from planting crops such as banana, rice, and sugarcane. With an average monthly salary of 100 USD per household, Sitio Kanibong remains one of the poorest provinces in the Philippines barely making enough income to establish a substantial economy or growing society.


Material in use at Global Grad Show 2019.



School children in Sitio Kanibong.