General FAQ’s

  • How many proposals can I apply with?

    There is no limit to the number of proposals a university or an individual may submit. However, the ultimate decision on which projects are selected for the showcase is made by Global Grad Show’s curatorial team.

  • I participated in previous years. Can I apply to enter again?

    Yes, but not with the same project.

  • I graduated last year. Can I enter this year? 

    Yes, we accept applications from graduates who have recently completed their studies.

  • I have not graduated yet. Can I still apply?

    Yes, so long as your concept is developed.

  • I do not have a prototype. Can I apply?

    Yes. However, prototyped projects help us to visualize how you are using technology to solve problems. If you don’t have a prototype, please provide explanations and references that help to describe how your solution works.

  • How do I take part in the entrepreneurship programme?

    By applying to the Global Grad Show, you will be automatically invited to take part in the entrepreneurship programme.

  • I have submitted a proposal. Does this mean that my participation in the showcase is confirmed?

    No. This means that our team will review your project and confirm whether or not it has been selected over the coming months.

  • I applied for MENA Grad Show. How can I apply for Global Grad Show?

    Applications are unified. If you apply from a university in the MENA region, your application will be considered for both Global Grad Show and MENA Grad Show.

  • I was selected to participate in MENA Grad Show. Does this mean that I will be featured in the Global Grad Show (and vice-versa)?

    Global Grad Show and MENA Grad Show are curated separately. Being selected for one of them does not necessarily mean being selected for the other.

  • I am not from the MENA Region, but I am studying in a university there. Can I apply to take part in MENA Grad Show?

    Yes, participation is free and open to all students enrolled in Middle Eastern and North African universities.