The only exhibition of its kind, showcasing social impact Innovation projects created by graduates in the fields of technology, design and science, each November in Dubai.

Graduates behind each project attend Global Grad Show along with the professors from the participating universities, making it the world’s largest and most diverse annual gathering of universities.

The Global Grad Show is produced each year under the curation of Brendan McGetrick and to date it has shown 700+ projects from 167 universities from 50+ countries.

Global Grad Show’s curation, programming and positioning are aligned with:


Innovation is a value that transcends technology and exists independent of wealth: Global Grad Show projects are high tech and low tech, luxurious and low cost, mechanical and manual and virtual.


Global Grad Show celebrates innovation for social and environmental good. It is curated to encourage and help a new generation working to design a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous world.


There is no hierarchy between innovators, schools or countries at the exhibition. All share space equally, with the projects mixed together and arranged according to theme


Global Grad Show opens the field of creativity and innovation to participants from all backgrounds. Every exhibit is represented by one of its creators, and visitors are encouraged to engage with them.

“It is the grad show to end all grad shows, featuring the cream of the crop from all over the globe.”

“There may be no better place to see what the next decade – or century – will look like than Global Grad Show.”

“In five short years Global Grad Show has quickly become the biggest graduate student exhibition in the world.”

“Global Grad Show offers hope that a new generation is more concerned with improving quality of life than simply churning out yet another iteration of the modern chair.”